Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stupid Video Capture card

So I've spent the better part of Monday, when I stayed home with a sick kid, and last evening trying in vain to get my TV Tuner card to work with Windows Media Center on my PC. No luck. I've read several message boards describing how it can be done and that it works, but no luck here. At one point in time I had everything working beautifully and we were able to schedule recordings and so forth, but not now. The mistake I made was thinking it was a good idea to upgrade their software, TV Tuner card vendor, just because a newer version was out. Now, being in a position at work where we develop and test software you would think that I might have some trepidation about doing something like that, but I went ahead and did it anyway. That's just the problem, I figured everything had been tested thoroughly before releasing to the public,.....NOT! Now the problem is, I can't remember which version I had installed when everything was successful. Grrrr!


Well, well, well, the Fantasy Football gods smiled on me this past week. Not only did my team earn its second victory, but it also scored the most points in our league therefore I'm the big winner of the weekly prize. Congrats Hop Heads!

Monday, October 29, 2007

$10 for a six-pack?!?!

So I'm reading this article from today, and almost spit out my coffee. Apparently the price of everything that goes into making beer is rising, from the hops and barley, to the aluminum and glass. For the small craft brewer like myself, this should make things interesting the next time I go to buy ingredients. I'm curious to see how much of an impact it will make when I decide to brew my next batch. Hopefully it will be small given the fact that I only make 5 gallons at a time. Usually a batch will run me anywhere from $25-$40 depending on the recipe, which yields around 2 cases of fine, homemade brew. I just hope it doesn't double! Cheers!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

They call him the Brees

Well, well, well, look who decided to show up to play today. Thank you Drew Brees. You got me 40 points today and I'm in position to actually win this week. Perhaps a weekly public flogging is all that you need to play a decent game.

Fantasy Football

$%^@#!. Why bother with Fantasy Football? It is enough to drive one mad, especially anyone who puts up real money for a team. My lineup has been decimated by injuries (hello Andre Johnson!), and underperfomers (Drew Brees and Marc Bulger thanks for wasting my high draft picks). Not to mention that week in and week out, I seem to draw the team with players that like to set NFL records and score crazy points against me (thanks Mr. Bironas, Kicker from the Tennessee Titans with his 8 field goals last week). You can probably guess that my record stands at 1-6 and I'm bringing up the rear in my 12 team league. We even award a weekly prize for most points scored by a team, but I've yet to come close to that. Maybe I'll just pack it in, and see if I can go win less the rest of the way. But you can bet that I'll be checking scores through out the day to make sure I don't climb out of the cellar anytime soon.