Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good reading!

I just received my first issue of Beer Advocate magazine today and I must say I love it! Great job by the founders & editors, Jason and Todd Alstrom. The magazine has great articles and insightful reviews. I already receive issues of Brew Your Own magazine and I am a huge fan of it. Both websites are great resources for all things beer. If you are looking for more info on beer, give these two periodicals a shot and support these great publications. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Primed and waiting

Before the big game yesterday, I decided to bottle my ESB! Yeah the one I was yapping about a month ago was finally ready to be bottled. I really hate cleaning bottles for this process, but it must be done. I can't wait to graduate to kegging.

Anyway, I did take a few sips of it as I was going and I must say, delicious. I was worried about the bitterness based on the calculated IBUs of 56 from my recipe generator, but I need not worry anymore. I think this one will be a keeper and one I'll make again in the future. So, she's primed and in the bottles. I must be patient now as I let the little yeast monsters do their job. Bottle conditioning is another reason to move to draft, because it takes too long! Sheesh! Now I must come up with a name for my brew. Hmmmmm......

What a game!

Yeah G-men! Finally a Super Bowl worth watching. Yesterday's game was the first in several years that held my attention to the very end. Congrats to the G-men for a huge win! And how about Belichick leaving the field with 1 second left? Sore loser.