Friday, April 11, 2008

You think gas prices are high?

For anyone who might wonder why gas prices have spun out of control read this. Its the same principle. Now if those uber socialists in California actually pass this proposal, you'll start to see the price of beer rise in California too. How can a company make a decent profit if their oh so compassionate government wants to take more of it away? Makes me ill. If this passes, I might have to boycott beer brewed in that socialist republic.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Brewery Comes Together

It's getting there. My own homebrewery that is. Yesterday my lovely wife allowed me to open my birthday gift early since it arrived and I was the one who carried the heavy box in off of the porch. Reading the return label and judging by the weight, I could easily surmise what was in the box. So with the kids gathered around, I tore into the box to reveal just what I had asked for: a new Hurricane Burner to handle the new brew pot that I won. This thing is a beast! So, the homebrewery is coming together. There are still a few other things I need to collect yet, but I am getting closer to brewing those big 10+ gallon batches. This new burner though, will allow me to use the pot sooner since it doesn't fit on the kitchen stove. She is glad that I'll be moving the cooking portion outside since she doesn't care for the aroma left in the house on brew day. So, thanks doll and Happy Early Birthday to me!