Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sad but True

It has been a while since I've felt compelled to write anything.  Sadly, I must report that the Blueberry Ale that I brewed in June has been marked for deletion.  I have always been suspect of the taste/smell of this batch.  After some patient waiting and hoping that it would improve in the bottles over time, I have come to the conclusion that my batch became contaminated somewhere along the way in the process.  Initially, I thought it was sour/tart due to all of the fresh blueberries added during the secondary fermentation.  However, while re-reading a handy homebrewing book that I dusted off of my shelf, I revisited the chapter on Sanitation.  It seems that I became somewhat lax in my brewing.  I always thought "It would never happen to me!".  Foolish.  From here on out, I shall return to my vigilant ways of sanitizing everything properly to avoid such mishaps in the future.  So, within the next day or two, I shall be dumping the rest of that batch.  Lesson learned.  However, I have a blonde ale in the carboy just waiting to be bottled.  Here's hoping it turns out alright.  There's a story to that one too, but I'll save it for another time.  I'll leave you with a preview though: it involved an addition of a Craftsman Screwdriver during the boil.