Sunday, December 28, 2008


My wife's uncle had my name in her family's Christmas Gift exchange this year. He certainly didn't disappoint as he gave me a nice little gift that lives up to its name. He lives in Kentucky and gave me a local brew for the holidays. A nice 4 pack of Horse Piss Beer. Let me tell you, it certainly lives up to its name. Quite funny indeed, but I think I'll be sharing the other three with some friends on Tuesday evening. Thanks DPC!

Has it been that long?

Wow, so my last post was Oct. 28 huh? Yes, I look at my bookmark to my blog everyday, but never feel compelled to write. Until now that is. A lot has happened in my world of beer, some good and some bad. First the bad.

I had to dump two batches of home brew in a row. First, my blueberry ale just didn't turn out like I expected. It had a tart, sour taste and I was not happy at all. So, I dumped nearly two cases worth. Before, I made that decision though, I kept trying one every few weeks hoping that it would improve with age in the bottle. No such luck, it just plain sucked. So then I set out to make a blond ale. In short, another disaster. The weird thing was each beer had a different base, yet had the same off taste. That sent me reeling, as I had never had a bad batch before, let alone two! So I dumped that one too (well not yet, but I think I am tomorrow, because I need the cooler that they are sitting in).

Further investigation revealed, a nice black fungus growing inside my tubing and also inside my bottling bucket spigot. So, I ordered up some acid based sanitizer and will thoroughly clean my equipment before my next batch. Speaking of next batches, I got a porter ingredient kit for Christmas and also ordered ingredients to make an IPA, so I'll be brewing before I know it. The beauty is, I have amassed enough equipment (carboys and such) over time, that I can have both fermenting at once. Now, I must start saving for that kegerator. Accepting donations!